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Your magazine deserves the best in publishing, advertising and distribution. At Square7 Media, we offer years of experience and expertise allowing us to help many organisations excel with their publications. We are proud of our work, reputation, and the calibre of our clients. Our vast range of magazine publishing and sales services means that we have everything covered in-house for your publication, whatever your size and goals.
From high-quality magazine design, editorial content, print, fulfilment, distribution and magazine advertising services, we’ll make sure that your publication thrives in today’s competitive market. We also offer bespoke publishing services for unique requests.


We aim to deliver consistently high quality results which in turn help to increase your advertising revenue. Our advertising sales division generates more than £4 million in advertising revenue – selling in excess of 800 advertising pages and 50 million loose inserts annually.
Our proven formula for success has been demonstrated in over 12 million magazines to date, including well-known publications such as RCN Bulletin and Freemasonry Today.

Contract Publishing
Contract Publishing
The approaches taken by Square7 Media’s design, editorial and advertising staff have been highly professional and have made the transition from an inhouse operation to one that is mainly outsourced, a very smooth one.
General Secretary, The Civil Service Pensioners’ Alliance
Contract Publishing
In less than a year they have streamlined the process, increased forward bookings and grown income. We could not be happier with their performance and what is more they are easy to deal with and are now definitely part of our team.
Head of Communications, The British Insurance Brokers’ Association
Contract Publishing
Square7 has made an exceptional contribution to Pennant magazine and there has been a marked improvement in the advertising revenues generated so far. Their approachable and friendly staff started with a very attractive and accurate profile of the Society and its magazine and went on to help us in its design and publishing using their experience in the market sector.
General Secretary, The Forces Pension Society
Contract Publishing
We seek to secure long term relationships for contract publishing. Pride in our work, reputation and calibre of our clients ensures that every magazine we take on will be nurtured and propelled to success as if it’s our own.
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