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 Civil Service Retirement Fellowship

Service with a smile

AvantiThrough its national network of visitors, volunteers and social groups, the Civil Service Retirement Fellowship is a national charity that has been helping retired civil servants and their dependants for half a century.

Back in 2008, the CSRF asked us to breathe new life into their membership magazine, Avanti, so we developed an engaging design and new content to appeal to its diverse readership. Advertising sales for the relaunched magazine immediately increased by 27 per cent, providing additional revenue to help fund the publishing costs.

Having worked with the Fellowship over the past decade, we continue to work closely and support them however we can.

avanti-spr13-4-500 avanti-spr13-3-500Avanti

The Civil Service Retirement Fellowship

We enjoy an extremely close relationship with Square7 Media, who are professional and enthusiastic about all the projects they have helped us with. We are delighted with the magazine they publish on our behalf and the advertising revenue levels they consistently achieve.

Chief Executive, Civil Service Retirement Fellowship